Father’s Day Treasures


June 22, 2017 by John Nicholas Prassas

New BBQ_r02I was just counting my blessings – along with my new treasures – from last weekend’s Father’s Day celebration.

Two of my kids teamed up to buy me a new BBQ grill and they insisted I get a higher-end model, hence the beautiful 5-burner ‘Broil King’ you see on the left.

My natural instinct was to conserve their money by picking something cheaper but I understood the spirit of their generosity and was proud they could afford something so nice, so I went along.

Meanwhile my wife gave me some gorgeous French Laguiole style steak knives I had wanted and got me even nicer ones than I had targeted.

These gifts were humbling reminders of God’s generosity and abundance – and how hard it can be to accept his grace when it comes our way.

Lucia art_r01And not to be outdone, my 5-year old Granddaughter gave me the priceless artwork displayed on the right.  This also surpassed my expectations since I didn’t expect anything from her at all!

Sadly her father, my other son, was not with us due to mental health issues that have led him ‘off the grid’ and out of contact – but never out of our thoughts and prayers.

So here I am brimming with pride, joy, gratitude and sadness, all at the same time.

This is what Fatherhood is about, I think, judging from what Jesus taught us about our ‘Abba Father.’

“Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep,” the scriptures tell us.

I dearly miss my earthly father on days like this.  But I am so thankful to have a heavenly Father who understands everything, is beyond generous and always has us covered whether we are standing tall or he is standing vigil for our return.

May every day be Father’s Day with treasures for you and yours.


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4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Treasures

  1. ronbrackin2 says:

    I’m right with you, my friend. I had told my family I just wanted cash to put toward an expensive percussion instrument I had my eye and heart on. But they went way above and beyond and presented me with the instrument, along with the case I had planned to add when I could afford it. As you say, it’s harder to receive from those who cannot afford to be extravagant in their giving than it is to bless them with extravagance. But to deny them the gesture is to deny them the blessing. I’m reminded of Romania in 1990. The stores were still empty. Common fare included pig fat and mystery sausage. Yet several families sacrificed a month’s rations to prepare a feast for us. And their joy was to watch us enjoy it. It began as the hardest meal I ever had to swallow but quickly became an Epicurean delight as we realized that it was liberally seasoned with the love of our friends. How much more our Father!

  2. James Hetherington says:

    Thanks John


    James Hetherington

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