How do you fulfill your highest calling in Christ?

The long-lost key is what the apostle Paul called God’s ‘Spirit of Adoption.’ This supernatural gift enables you to live as a genuine child of God – the world’s highest calling of all.

Neglected for centuries, this life-changing ministry of the Holy Spirit can:

* Fill you with faith, hope and love

* Dramatically change how you see yourself, see God and see others

* Boost your confidence in God’s amazing grace and provision

* Liberate you from fear, bondage and dysfunction

* Help you approach each day with vision and joy

* Empower you to touch lives and make a difference in the world

This long-overdue book explains what Jesus meant when he promised, “I will not leave you as orphans” and explores why Paul was so adamant about believers experiencing God’s Spirit of adoption – and why we’ve missed out on it for so long.

This insight won’t just change what you think or what you know, it will change who you are: transforming you from spiritual orphan into a genuine son or daughter of the King.

Briskly written at just 35 pages, this little book imparts huge portions of historical perspective, personal prayer and powerful encouragement – including a fascinating chapter about Jesus, John F. Kennedy Jr. and what the author calls their ‘Halo Effect,’ a blessing you can begin experiencing today.

Buy this break-though book today at the publisher’s early-bird price in both Kindle ($2.95) and paperback ($5.28) formats.  Includes thought-provoking small group discussion questions that can foster your personal reflection as well.

Buy five or more paperback copies to share with others and receive a FREE copy of Royal Family, the author’s original classic on Christian identity.*

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“This book invites us to experience what I call the author’s ‘joyful revelation’ of belonging to God’s family….with encouragement to take our own personal journey with God and gain our own supernatural sense of love, identity and purpose.” – Amazon review by K. Emmett

(*Simply email your delivery address and a copy of your receipt for the five book purchase to and your free copy of Royal Family will be shipped immediately.)


Images_w_Captions_BOOKS_RFYou’ve probably heard that you’re a ‘child of God.’ But has anyone explained what that really means or how you can actually LIVE as a son or daughter of the King?

This timeless classic presents the faith-boosting, life-changing and revolutionary truth of your new identity and purpose in Christ – in simple, biblical and personal terms that will forever change who you are, how you see yourself and how you relate with others.

Don’t let the enemy of your soul (the one Jesus called a liar and a thief) steal your true identity and keep you ignorant of your spiritual inheritance and calling in Christ. The time has come for God’s sons and daughters to rise and shine…and that means you!

Click on the cover to learn more or purchase on Available in both Kindle ($5.95) and paperback (currently discounted over 15% to $12.49). 173 pages. Read this and let your revolution begin!

“Royal Family presents a captivating vision…It will enthuse readers with energy for living life to the full.” – Julie Gorman, Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary


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