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Two-day Royal Family Ministry Retreat: This life-changing event is normally hosted off-site and features main group teaching, small group/individual exercises and personal ministry time for everyone.  New levels of love and inspiration are guaranteed for everyone who attends.

One-day Royal Family Ministry Intensive:  This powerful all-day event is typically hosted on-site with breaks for lunch and/or dinner.  Features main group teaching, small group/individual exercises and personal ministry time. Be prepared for new levels of faith, hope and love to empower your people.

Keynote or Main/Special Service Message:  This ‘guest speaker’ format offers a dynamic opportunity to hear the Royal Family message delivered in full power, color and impartation.

Individual or Small Group Ministry: This format can be tailored to meet specific needs, whether one-on-one consultation in person, via email, Skype or phone, or thru study resources or conference calls/visits with fellowship groups, book clubs, etc.  The key here is personal connection and transformation.

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