Why I’m Flipping Off Boats at 57


July 13, 2017 by John Nicholas Prassas

No, I’m not talking about giving anyone the ‘bird.’

Catalina parade, SC band

I’m talking about jumping off a boat (via back flip) – something I had no intention of doing when we boarded my mother-in-law’s boat last week to spend the 4th of July in Avalon Harbor on Catalina Island, CA. We retired there after watching the on-shore parade complete with decorated golf carts, fire trucks and the USC Marching Band, to have lunch and relax.

You can see what happened to my ‘intention’ on the video clip above.

Sure, I had my swim trunks on and yes I had already gotten wet while taking my maiden voyage on a paddle board that day.

Catalina Paddle board, wavingBut I had no intention of jumping into that water or jumping off that boat. And here’s why.

First, I’m a total wuss when it comes to cold water – give me Maui or Galveston bathwater but no thanks to the chilly waters of Southern California, even when they warm (slightly) in the summer.

Second, I’m a bit paranoid about water safety in a harbor filled with speed boats and yachts, some with massive 750 horsepower engines (and churning propellers), others with possible oil leaks and still others with possible ‘accidental’ toilet flushes. And oh yeah, don’t forget the potential shark attacks.

John_N_SuziThird, I’m a bit old to be jumping off boats, at least from what I gather from watching other 35+ year-old folks who NEVER jump off boats. These people (including my wife Suzi) are usually content to relax in the shade or bask in the sunshine and watch their kids jump off sterns or motor around in dinghies shooting their water guns.

So why the flip?

Tina_N_MikeWell, let me blame my daughter Christina and her husband Michael visiting from New York. Once they jumped off the boat with joyful ‘Kawabunga’ cries, my juices started flowing. When they climbed back and jumped again, I couldn’t just sit there and watch them have all the fun.

I had to bust out my patented Big-Daddy-Back-Flip!

Now I told them and I will tell you that this is one of the easiest ‘dives’ you can do. It really is easier than it looks. So I encouraged them to try it but they bailed on several attempts. So I showed them again and they caught it on camera.

Then Michael kept trying and he pulled one off! (At least sort of.) Now he has a bright future as a back-flipper.

So what are the take-aways here?

1- Back flips are easy. Just spring up and back while throwing your arms and head up and back and look for the water. Bingo, you got it!

2- You’re never too old to have fun. Seriously, when does the fun-meter say ‘Stop’?

3- Persistence pays off. Michael is living proof.

4- The 4th of July is a great day to have fun and celebrate your freedom. Why not dive, jump or flip?!

5- God’s creation is beautiful and some days you just have to rejoice in it your own way.
Thank you for reading this…I pray you enjoy the rest of Summer and the ultimate liberty (and mercy) found in Christ!

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One thought on “Why I’m Flipping Off Boats at 57

  1. Chuck Tressler says:


    Back flip, huh? You are a better man than I when it comes to back flipping.

    All the best and God bless you and the family,
    Chuck Tressler

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