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August 25, 2013 by John Nicholas Prassas

01_Long-lost key -- Statue-of-Jesus-Christ-The-Redeemer-Rio_r02Your noble, majestic and highest calling in Christ.

Could there really be such a key? Something that unlocks your fullest potential and quickens your pulse, sharpens your focus, renews your spirit and casts fresh and compelling vision for your life as a Christian? And if so, why has such a valuable key been ‘long-lost?

These and other vital questions are addressed in my recently released book, God’s Spirit of Adoption: The long-lost key to your highest calling in Christ.

I want to tell you about this book in hopes you’ll buy it, read it, 02_soaabsorb it and pass it on to your family and friends. Why?

Because so many believers are limping along at less than full power while our world remains confused, hurt, hostile and desperate for children of God to rise and shine, to heal and deliver, to bless and empower – and God’s Spirit of adoption is the key to making that happen.

Can this bold statement really be true? And relevant to me and you? You be the judge. I think you’ll be amazed when you learn more about this long overlooked blessing – and when you embrace it for yourself and watch it enrich your life.

This is where my little book fits in.

It’s only 35 pages long, so nobody needs to be intimidated or get bogged down trying to plow through 432 pages of theology! Yet it’s packed with powerful stories, illustrations and scriptures, plus short prayers and reflections that speak to our hearts.

The miracle happens as we read each page and let God’s Spirit change who we are and how we think and behave, from the inside out, organically and supernaturally.

Sound a bit far-fetched or ‘super-spiritual?’

03_Long-lost key -- Jesus and disciplesDon’t worry; everything goes back to Jesus, who said, “I will not leave you as orphans,” when he explained the coming ministry of the Holy Spirit and hinted at the amazing transformations that would occur in people like Peter, Paul and others who would join his revolution (like us!).

Paul further developed the adoption04_Long-lost key -- HS Dove artwork theme based on his knowledge of Jewish and Roman law and his radical experience with Christ and the Holy Spirit.

He called God’s Spirit the ‘Spirit of adoption’ and wrote about it in several profound ways – each covered in the book, with background insights that will stir your soul and ignite your spirit.

As you read and digest the stories and scriptures and contemplate each chapter’s reflection notes and prayers, you will gradually change from spiritual ‘orphan’ to royally adopted son or daughter – the highest calling that you, me or anyone else on earth can enjoy.

You’ll also learn why this all-important key has been buried for so long by historic challenges that distracted the church from confronting the spiritual warfare that has long thwarted, distorted and obscured our regal calling.

We’ve got to dig this key up and put it in the hands of every believer.

05_Long-lost key -- Moses_r02There is so much that we can claim as our inheritance; for instance our blessing of prosperity through Abraham and our parallels with the Jews whom God delivered from bondage in Egypt – each is revealed in my little book like unearthed treasures from an ancient vault, with life-giving power for a time such as this.

When you read the chapter 06_Long-lost key -- jfk jr copyabout God’s ‘Halo Effect,’ a revelation granted through my relationship with John F. Kennedy Jr., you will most likely see yourself and your future possibilities differently (more brightly) than ever before. I know whenever I remember this insight I become the best and brightest version of myself, filled with light and love for God and every person on earth.

My friend and New York Times bestselling author Ron Brackin calls this book “…our ID card, something we should carry around and look at frequently until it works its way into our hearts. Until we suddenly discover ourselves on the inside looking out…No longer beggars but sons and daughters,” and I humbly agree with him.

07_rf_r02I’m convinced you’ll love this fascinating little book and will view it as a special gift to share with others. In fact , as an incentive to extend the blessing, we’re offering a free signed copy of my seminal book Royal Family to anyone who buys five or more paperback copies of God’s Spirit of Adoption to share with church, small group, family or friends.

And if you don’t think the book is ‘all that’ after reading it, just let me know and we’ll send you your money back. I want to remove any reluctance you have about exploring your highest calling in Christ.

To order or learn more about either book, see our listings for Royal Family and God’s Spirit of Adoption on Amazon, or visit our Books page at

Thank you for indulging me this promotional blog post. I believe this book is urgently important, and I’m confident you’ll agree once you get hold of it.

With faith, hope and love. Let’s pray:

Thank you Heavenly Father for giving us the treasure of your kingdom and your calling to follow Christ as your children. Help us to turn the key and embrace our miraculous membership in your family and live lives of power and love, mercy and truth – that supernatural mix that comes only by your Spirit. Fill us to overflowing with your Spirit of adoption. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!

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