Rescued from the pound


October 18, 2013 by John Nicholas Prassas

#1_dobie side shotOur dog Sophie shies away from cameras, so this pic is a stock shot of another dog that looks like her.

Sophie still ‘has issues,’ we say, nine years after she was rescued from a life of abuse and neglect. She’s still skittish, due to her traumatic puppyhood.

Our other dog Texie is also a rescue, but he’s more than happy to pose. #2_TexieThere was a time he wasn’t so happy, however.

It happened when we questioned whether we could afford to adopt him permanently from our son who had rescued him as a pup then left him with us to take care of. Big dog, big appetite, lots of energy and added responsibility.

During those days of decision Texie somehow knew his future was in jeopardy and sensed us leaning towards sending him back to the pound.

He moped around and watched our every move with woeful eyes. He just knew.

After much debate I finally decided we couldn’t send Texie away. Why?

God’s Spirit of adoption wouldn’t allow it.

Now I don’t think we have to adopt every stray or keep every runaway just because scripture says, “God rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of his beloved son” or because God’s Spirit testifies to our spirits about our rescue and adoption every instant of every day.

No, but these things do change us. They tenderize our hearts and massage our souls with mercy and kindness. We just naturally look for ways to restore lost souls, since we know from personal experience what a blessing it is to be found and restored.

#3_dog poundMy heart simply broke at the thought of evicting Texie from our home – a home filled with love, food, fellowship and comfort – and sending him back to the concrete cages and ‘dog eat dog’ environment where he had started.

The nobility of our calling could not tolerate such ignoble behavior from us.

And so I insisted that we keep Texie. Almost instantly his funk lifted and his joyful (and grateful, I think) personality returned.

Whether we come from the pound, the pit, or the proverbial pig pen, we’ve been ushered into the palace and offered every kind of luxury, through Christ. We’re allowed to stay and get cleaned up, clothed and strengthened, by the grace of God. We’re even encouraged to represent the King and help rescue other souls from every kind of distress, forever grateful for our complete and eternal acceptance. How great it is to be rescued!

Don’t ask me if dogs go to heaven, but I know Texie thinks he lives there already, as he rests his heavy head on my foot under my desk as I write.

Rescue and adoption, the palace and the pound. Redemption and gratitude. Let it all sink in, royal son or daughter. And live accordingly. Let’s pray.

Thank you Heavenly Father for sending your son to rescue us! Give us soft and grateful hearts full of compassion that compel us to rescue others as ambassadors of your kingdom. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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3 thoughts on “Rescued from the pound

  1. Greg Folkins says:

    Thank you for feeding the soul broth.

    • Thanks, Greg. Broth isn’t much of a meal, but at least it tastes good and warms us up a bit, right? My goal is to deliver something like ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul,’ so I appreciate your encouragement.

  2. Robin Seaber says:

    Oh I surely pray that our dogs are in heaven! Thank you for sharing John and blessings to you and yours:) Robin

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