When hell freezes over (and pigs fly)

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December 7, 2013 by John Nicholas Prassas

photo(1)_r01A few days ago it was 80 degrees here in Dallas, but Thursday night Winter storm Cleon arrived.

Icy rain and snow quickly covered roads, knocked out power and caused big branches to crack and fall on and around our home in the middle of the night.photo

These events are pretty rare around here, although it did snow last year on Christmas Day, which was enchanting.

Unusual events do happen every now and then in nature, even here in Dallas – but they happen every day in the supernatural realm.

Wednesday night pastor Bill Johnson of the renowned Bethel Church of Redding, CA spoke at our church and reminded us of our calling in Christ to represent his kingdom and usher in supernatural events that touch lives.

He referenced the crazy man who ran around naked, lived in a graveyard, broke through chains and was demonized by a legion of demons who met Jesus and asked for help.

Jesus and demoniacJesus commanded the demons out of the man and into a herd of swine who quickly threw themselves off a cliff, thus ‘flying’ to their deaths.

The man was returned to his right mind and soon amazed the community that had long considered him a ‘when hell freezes over’ kind of lost cause.

How great it is that his story is still being told today!  Yes, pigs can fly when God’s presence comes calling!

So don’t give up hope on anyone, no matter how ‘far gone.’  And don’t ever discount what God can do – in, through and around you – as all things are possible through Christ who strengthens you, empowers you and uses you for his glory.

Let’s pray:

Thank you, Heavenly Father for using natural events to remind us that extraordinary events are possible and even expected with you.  Help us to lift our eyes and see what you’re doing – and what you want to do – in the people we encounter every day.  Then help us to touch them with your grace, power and love.  In Jesus’ name!

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