Whoa! Why Kobe’s 60-point game inspires greatness

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April 14, 2016 by John Nicholas Prassas

Kobe_REPLACEMENTAs an LA native and basketball fan my jaw was dropping and my spirit was soaring last night as shots were dropping for Kobe Bryant in his final NBA game — 60 points in a dramatic Hollywood-style comeback victory at the age of 37.  Are you KIDDING ME??!!

Even at my slightly advanced age of 50+ I was ready to suit up, lace up, jump into (or over) the TV and do some ‘balling myself.

I’m not telling you what to think of Kobe personally (or all the hype around his retirement), but whenever greatness is on display I get excited.  Why?  Because greatness is inspiring.  Great art, great design, great music, heck, even great customer service!

Greatness stirs our spirits and elevates our vision in a way that I believe is divinely woven into our DNA.  We are created to appreciate greatness, aspire to greatness and to embody greatness ourselves.

Depending on our God-given gifts, we are all designed to bring ‘whoa!’ moments to the world around us.

When my wife Suzi gets her students to rise up and perform, I say ‘whoa!’

When my accountant gives me wise insight or quick answers, I say ‘whoa!’

When I design remodel projects or negotiate real estate deals, sometimes people say ‘whoa!’

My biggest ‘Whoa!’ of all happened on Easter Sunday afternoon as I watched the film Risen and caught a renewed glimpse of Jesus’ greatness.

His greatness (mercy, kindness and resurrection power) moved me to tears and made me want to participate in his greatness – just like Kobe’s did.

Jesus said “Whoever wishes to be great will be the servant of all.”  He also said the greatest people ever born – greater even than John the Baptist – would be those who receive him by faith.

Thank God these forms of greatness (unlike Kobe’s) are available to each of us, no matter what our gifts, skills, passions or interests.

If we will simply receive Him by faith and truly seek to serve others then our greatness (and God’s amazing grace and glory upon us) is guaranteed.

What do you say?  I say ‘Whoa,’ let’s all be great!

With faith, hope and love,

Your brother John

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