Healing your 12 year old soul


October 23, 2015 by John Nicholas Prassas

Twelve-year-oldsThe other day at lunch with a friend I was reminded about the invisible yet far-reaching influence of our childhood upon our adult lives.

My friend has made lots of money, but has struggled to make financial decisions – even fairly obvious ones – due to paralyzing fear.

As we talked my friend revealed that his once wealthy parents suffered painful reverses when he was a kid. As this information surfaced I wondered what had formed in my friend’s heart when he was just 12 years old.

Did financial fear and uncertainty take root in his spirit? Did he judge his parents or himself in some harmful way during those painful years? Did he reach extreme conclusions – or make extreme vows – about financial success or failure that could be shackling him now?

These questions are fundamental to his freedom as well as ours because no matter what we ‘know’ intellectually as adults, the wounded child within us can rule the day in a powerful way.

Thankfully, we talked and prayed about his experience – and essentially ministered to his injured young soul – and he walked away with greater clarity and confidence regarding his financial affairs.

A couple days later it was my turn…

I know my royal calling, my heavenly Father and the wealth that comes from both, and yet I’ve continued to wrestle with the poor little ‘pauper’ inside me who thinks financial success is for other people, not me – even when I’ve made considerable money.

After ministering to my friend, fresh revelation hit me about my own childhood, and a false conclusion regarding wealth and ownership that I had accidentally taken to heart.

This conclusion had manifested itself and mixed deceptively with some of my Christian theology over the years, to handicap me and limit my financial ‘upside.’

In other words, the Enemy of my soul, the one Jesus called a Thief had snuck his way into my life at an early age and used my family’s financial dynamics to deceive me and rob me blind!!

I won’t bore you with the details, but the takeaway is this:

Our adult struggles, whether financial, relational or whatever are often bound up in the heart of our childhood and we need God’s revelation and guidance to address whatever injuries befell us, whether self-inflicted or otherwise.

The cure is usually pretty simple; extending forgiveness toward others who hurt us with their words or deeds (yes it’s hard and no it’s not dependent on their apology), repenting for judging, vowing or doing something harmful to ourselves or others or simply seeing things more accurately in the light of God’s revelation, a joyful blessing that requires no effort whatsoever – we just see the truth and it sets us free to live a more fruitful life. Thank you, Lord!

So if you’re having trouble with your adult life, ask God to help heal your 12 year old soul.

Thank you Heavenly Father for your loving-kindness and healing touch. Thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to reveal the truth and to guide, counsel and comfort us. Help us to see where we need your healing and deliverance, even back to our childhoods, and to take the steps we need to be whole and free indeed. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!

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6 thoughts on “Healing your 12 year old soul

  1. Randy Griffin says:

    Awesome John, thanks for sharing!!

    Randy Sent from my iPhone 214-909-8907

  2. John Johnson says:

    Thanks John for sharing this. I really appreciate how you articulate in short order deep truths. It was a good reminder to be careful to listen to the thoughts of my heart. To renounce or repent of those that undermine my ability to walk in His Best and Highest.
    Keep pressing in, JJ

    • Thanks, John. Great to hear from you and know I’m not the only one needing a reminder. We all need ‘ears to hear’ our own hearts and those around us, right? God bless you, brother.

      • John Johnson says:

        Yes, at times I have so many demands that it’s hard to hear my, others and most importantly Gods heart.
        What Jesus said that we must be “careful that our hearts aren’t weighed down with the cares of this life” sure applies.
        Jesus, you said that not into but out of our hearts would flow living water
        So that our impact would be as a son and daughter.
        Jesus, a refreshing flow is what we need
        So what we sow will be of you indeed

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